Thursday, October 7, 2010


The signs are everywhere. In the popular media (zombie books and movies are more and more popular), in science (global warming, climate change, what is happening to the bees?), among the religious (Rapture Ready, 2012 Mayan Calendar the end is coming), everywhere you see people are starting to realize. It is part of the reptilian brain, it tells you to panic, but you don't know the reason so you look at your TV or your God or your Money or your Internet and whatever the Preacher Man tells you, that is what you believe. Religion isn't as important any more, TV as religion, Money as religion too, pray to the Stock Market, invest and buy everything. So you use these other gods to explain things (so the Depression, the job market crash, everyone says it is falling because they have to panic about something and money is their GOD), these contemporary gods.

You think you know the reason why, because your mind tells you to panic and when you panic you are no longer thinking rationally. Y have to calm down now, just for a few minutes, and let me explain. I'm sorry I'm not very good at explaining, but I'll do the best I can.

I know the reason! The end IS coming, but it isn't the Rapture, it isn't Armageddon. It wasn't written in a book a thousand years ago. It's a little bit older. Why would humans have the answers so suddenly, just given to them by a deity to write down? They didn't. The message has been being rewritten, over and over, generation to generation, for millions of years.

Science isn't wrong. REligion isn't wrong. Scientists are arrogant, they think they know all sorts of things they have never understood, but they are betraying Science. This is beyond science. 

Look at the pyramids. Everyone tells you to look at the pyramids, but they're looking for the wrong reasons. They weren't made by aliens - the aliens have more important things to do than that. They weren't made by slaves! This is a great misconception. The pyramids were sending a message, all the way from Sesheset to our modern times. They Egyptians KNEW - but not on the surface. Their reptile brains knew, deep in their subconscious, the message that needed to be sent to today. And the Egyptians aren't the only ones!

Why do you think so many early structures were pyramid-shaped? It wasn't only the Egyptians who did this - they were in Greece, in China, in Mesopatamia as well. And no one says the Chinese were visited by aliens! Why do we only think this of the Egyptians? What are our reptile brains trying to tell us?

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