Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick Update

I just got my computer back from the repair shop and thought I'd fire off a quick post before working on my next article. My hard drive had to be replaced, but luckily I backed it up just before it was destroyed, so I am not missing very much information and will be able to continue without a hitch.

Also, I thought I'd share a link with you: there is a hospital sending out free first aid kits if you give them an email address for them to send an "electronic newsletter". I know nothing about the hospital or the quality of the kits, but junk email accounts are common practice and are worth using for some free first aid supplies. Of course, it is always best to construct your own first aid kit with knowledge of what you're most likely to need in whatever area you are in, but this will still probably be useful to a certain extent.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

2012 is NOT the end!

The first and most important way to prepare for the apocalypse is to be mentally prepared - and to be prepared you must be informed both of what the apocalypse is and what it is not. This post will be focusing on the latter. (Yes, yes, 「まず初めに」, I know.)

When will the end finally arrive, you may ask, and what form will it take? Many have tried to answer this with concrete numbers, dates prophesied by philosophers and scholars and sages and madmen, shocking events gleaned from holy texts or meaningless babble. But what significance do these have, with their extremely tentative links to the physical realm, and their gods who have never once spoken for themselves? I'd sooner believe in global warming than in the Second Coming - the former at least has a few scraps of believable evidence, while the latter runs on faith alone - faith generated by a need for quick answers, for relieving a growing uneasiness in the back of one's mind.

Take the latest apocalypse date, for example - December 21st, 2012. On that date, Earth will crash into the planet Nibiru, the sun will reverse its magnetic poles, otherkin will shed their useless human forms, the Milky Way will achieve galactic alignment, and the 2,000-year ban on magic will be lifted - or at least that is what many would like to believe. Some have begun preparing in similar ways as during the cold war era, stocking enforced shelters with food and water and buying up gas masks and duct tape. There's a (very miniscule) chance that the apocalypse actually will occur on this date, and their preparation will have been worthwhile. But in all likelihood, they're all going to be disappointed when the day arrives, just like people were after the thousands of earlier apocalypse predictions from the Great Disappointment to Y2K. Many will come to the conclusion that no apocalypse will be coming at all, or they will become fixated on a new date, a date that is certainly the right one this time (in fact, there are already a few reports of a new date of the end - May 19, 2013, when solar flares will paralyze the Earth and some malevolent underground organization will reveal itself to the world. I would not be surprised if many of the 2012 believers hopped onto this date as soon as their crushing disappointment faded).

Humans are very comforted by numbers, even when the numbers are wrong. It is easy to assume that someone who says "many people like bananas better than apples" is just making things up, but the one who says "87% of middle-class men prefer bananas to apples" seems to have more authority, even if they did even less research than the first man and simply made up the statistic on the spot. When people feel unsure about something, uneasy, numbers reassure them and tell them what is what - and all of us are uneasy about the future, because subconsciously we know that we don't have much time left. Not only that, but concrete dates are extremely helpful as well - it's much easier to prepare for something two years in the future than something that can happen at any time. The problem with doing this for the apocalypse is that people are deceiving themselves in order to create these deadlines, and they're doing it in such a way that the deceit shatters once the date appears.

Without a concrete date, we're like death row inmates who don't know when we will finally die. Should we live like there's no tomorrow, or as if we will be living for decades more? This uncertainty is extremely disorienting for the human mind. So giving yourself a date to be prepared for is actually a good strategy, but don't be surprised if comets don't start crashing down at that date, or if they begin months earlier than expected.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just a Moment

I really don't like this layout I made for myself. I don't understand website design at all. And for some reason the text in the Interlude is a completely different font than the one in the introduction! I want to have a nicer website so that I will be taken seriously - first impressions are important in getting people to listen to what you have to say. I have learned this again and again in real life - I have to act the part of an upstanding citizen by wearing the right clothes, using the right deodorant, speaking with the right accent, and using the right body language before someone will truly listen to what I try to tell them. It's not so crazy if the listener can get past the first couple minutes, but so often in my earlier days they weren't even willing to try. But I learned, and I learned well! You would never suspect me to have these "strange" ideas if you met me on the street.

Now I am lost again, unsure of how to make myself presentable in a world of ones and zeroes and videos of cats. I'll just have to teach myself anew.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Interlude 1

I had a friend who recommended the Illuminatus! trilogy to me. I'm not sure why, since I don't believe in many of the popular conspiracy theories in recent times relating to the Illuminati - most of them just don't make sense. They are too complicated and too coordinated and we know by now that humans are simple and chaotic beings. Just because they are in a government doesn't mean they can control those things. And I don't usually read fiction. The truth is much more interesting than fiction, because it is so hard to reach. Fiction is everywhere, even in these things we call truths. We're being fed fiction every day by the media, by the history books, by the internet, by our friends. Why would I need deceit that everyone knows is deceit? Is it better than deceit that tries to play itself off as true? Maybe on a moral standpoint, but surely if no one even tries to believe it then it's even more of a failure than the "facts" we're fed every day. My friend tells me that fiction is true "on an emotional level" - what on Earth is that supposed to mean? That is one of those times where I just stared at him, dumbfounded, and didn't try to argue. It was just so incredibly stupid that I didn't know how to respond.

But I have been reading this Illuminatus! trilogy, and I've been finding it quite interesting so far. The perspective changes rapidly, the narrator's voice is straightforward and to the point, and it harks back to an era when I still believed fiction had a purpose somewhere in this murky cosmos. It is much more interesting than I thought it would be. Perhaps my friend has a point, to a certain extent.

I think my uncle has done too many drugs. We are both sort of ostracized in our family for believing in strange things, so sometimes we have a sort of solidarity in that we are the only ones we can have conversations with on holidays and the like. But sometimes I tend to agree more with my sister about his ideas, even though she ridicules my theories as well. I once had a friend who did quite a few drugs (I don't use them myself), and sometimes I could tell he was high while we were talking, just in his body language or ways of speech (though the smells helped too). My uncle talks just like my old friend did during those times, but I know that at this point he is stone cold sober except for what they give him for his cancer. I suppose he was just never able to escape the sixties. I hope he gets better. I've always enjoyed talking to him, since he'll take me seriously and give me new things to think about that I never would have come up with on my own, but in the last few years it's been hard to really connect with him. I hope he gets better.

I have a new article that I will put up on here soon, but I wanted to make sure it was done well before I published it. I wouldn't want to give you bad information!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


The signs are everywhere. In the popular media (zombie books and movies are more and more popular), in science (global warming, climate change, what is happening to the bees?), among the religious (Rapture Ready, 2012 Mayan Calendar the end is coming), everywhere you see people are starting to realize. It is part of the reptilian brain, it tells you to panic, but you don't know the reason so you look at your TV or your God or your Money or your Internet and whatever the Preacher Man tells you, that is what you believe. Religion isn't as important any more, TV as religion, Money as religion too, pray to the Stock Market, invest and buy everything. So you use these other gods to explain things (so the Depression, the job market crash, everyone says it is falling because they have to panic about something and money is their GOD), these contemporary gods.

You think you know the reason why, because your mind tells you to panic and when you panic you are no longer thinking rationally. Y have to calm down now, just for a few minutes, and let me explain. I'm sorry I'm not very good at explaining, but I'll do the best I can.

I know the reason! The end IS coming, but it isn't the Rapture, it isn't Armageddon. It wasn't written in a book a thousand years ago. It's a little bit older. Why would humans have the answers so suddenly, just given to them by a deity to write down? They didn't. The message has been being rewritten, over and over, generation to generation, for millions of years.

Science isn't wrong. REligion isn't wrong. Scientists are arrogant, they think they know all sorts of things they have never understood, but they are betraying Science. This is beyond science. 

Look at the pyramids. Everyone tells you to look at the pyramids, but they're looking for the wrong reasons. They weren't made by aliens - the aliens have more important things to do than that. They weren't made by slaves! This is a great misconception. The pyramids were sending a message, all the way from Sesheset to our modern times. They Egyptians KNEW - but not on the surface. Their reptile brains knew, deep in their subconscious, the message that needed to be sent to today. And the Egyptians aren't the only ones!

Why do you think so many early structures were pyramid-shaped? It wasn't only the Egyptians who did this - they were in Greece, in China, in Mesopatamia as well. And no one says the Chinese were visited by aliens! Why do we only think this of the Egyptians? What are our reptile brains trying to tell us?


I am learning about this "Blogger" program. I hope to inform the public about some things that have come to my attention recently, and I have heard that this is a good place to start.

Hello everyone.